Case Study: How OptiMine's Agile Attribution Lifted Coolibar's Online Sales by 23%

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DTC Etail/Apparel




Coolibar (a large outerwear apparel brand that manufactures sun protection products)




OptiMine’s client, a large outerwear apparel brand, has invested more in it’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce business to thrive in a highly competitive market. The company invests in marketing channels — both offline and online — to drive orders and sales of its outerwear. The brand had invested significantly in paid search knowing that it directly drove customers to its online store to make purchases, but other marketing channels were harder to measure, and in particular, were more difficult to track. Channels such as social media, video, mobile and display ads present a measurement challenge precisely because they are not designed to generate direct consumer responses and therefore difficult to measure with cookies, tags and traditional attribution. The brand’s VP of Internet Marketing and eCommerce knew instinctively that “upper funnel” advertising was contributing to the company’s sales, but could not effectively measure this spend with faulty, inaccurate attribution.




Measuring and optimizing the value of upper funnel, brand display ads.




The brand invited OptiMine to solve this measurement challenge — specifically, to answer the question: how much is this upper-funnel brand advertising contributing to sales, and therefore, what is its true value or ROI? In other words, when the brand’s target audience sees its upper funnel marketing, do orders and sales increase — and by how much? The OptiMine Insight platform, which measures the unique contribution of all ads and channels on conversions (leads, orders, sales, new customer acquisition), provided a true value measure for the brand’s display ads.



Measuring The Full Value of Brand & Upper Funnel Marketing


While using only a last-click attribution approach to measure ROI, this etailer was substantially undervaluing its display program. By measuring the full contribution of display, the OptiMine Insight platform showed that the brand should significantly increase spend in display due to its strong contribution to paid search performance. Using the more accurate measures from the OptiMine platform, the brand adjusted spend across its five display ad groups, in some cases by reducing spend on poor performing ad groups by up to 85% and in others increasing spend for the strongest contributors by over 1,000%. As a result of these shifts in display mix, paid search revenues increased by 23%, validating the findings and growing top line revenue for the brand.




The brand used the OptiMine Insight platform to take advantage of OptiMine’s unique Agile Marketing Mix capability. OptiMine Insight measures the true value of any marketing channel and ad — whether offline or online — and delivers results quickly, continually and in the most actionable way, allowing marketers to measure, respond and optimize results for today’s real-time, programmatic marketing environment.


Agile Marketing Mix Modeling delivers:


  • Fastest Ramp to ROI — Rapid implementation with initial insights in days or weeks instead of months or years like traditional attribution modeling and marketing mix consulting projects take to implement and deploy. No tags, cookies or custom model development is required.
  • Ad-level Actionability — Only OptiMine Insight models each and every ad to provide you the most actionable measurement possible. Performance differences and improvement opportunities are usually found well below the “channel” level and only OptiMine Insight goes this deep to find ROI.
  • Persistent, Continual Insights — OptiMine Insight’s cloud-based platform provides a steady stream of measurement based on continual, real-world results. Traditional attribution and marketing mix modeling solutions rely on models that are difficult to refresh and take months to deliver.


“OptiMine’s platform not only shows me the cross-channel value of my display advertising, it goes straight to action. I didn’t have to dig deep to build an attribution scheme — and was able to optimize spend across two very important advertising channels in just weeks.” – VP of Internet Marketing & E-Commerce


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