Case Study: How OptiMine Helped UnitedHealthcare Realize a 50x Solution ROI

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World’s Largest Healthcare Insurance Company




The world’s largest healthcare company faced a dilemma: how to continue growth in the ultra-competitive Medicare Advantage and related insurance products market. Compounding this challenge was the fact that traditional- and well-tracked – channels such as direct mail, paid search and other lower funnel marketing vehicles were found to drive the most contribution to new acquisitions, while the brand believed upper-funnel investments in TV, social, display, video and others could actually grow the acquisition pipeline if measured and executed properly.


The brand invests more than $100 million annually across a broad mix of digital and traditional media, while capturing new customers through a variety of online and offline channels, including significant volumes from field agents and 3rd party brokers. This complexity was an enormous challenge from a marketing measurement standpoint, but getting measurement right was essential to success.


The brand’s then-current measurement solutions weren’t cutting it:

  • The multi-touch attribution (“MTA”) vendor’s models were inaccurate and failed to account for sales through agent and 3rd party distribution channels.
  • The traditional marketing mix model appeared to dramatically over-inflate the value of TV while under-valuing digital channels. And the models were extremely slow to update and lacked any detailed measures outside of superficial, high-level channel guidance.




A Completely Unified Solution – With Actionable Detail


OptiMine was selected to replace the MTA and MMM solutions due to OptiMine’s superior ability to measure digital and traditional media’s contributions to customer acquisition across any online and offline channel, including agents and brokers. Further, OptiMine’s ability to deliver detailed campaign-level measures across both digital and traditional channels meant that agency partner and internal marketing teams would have precise and highly actionable guidance to make immediate impacts in-market.


Solution Agility


Additionally, OptiMine’s models and measures are continually refreshed with an AI-based “learning loop” allowing the brand to adjust and adapt to market conditions faster and more flexibly than before.


Full Solution Consulting Support


Additionally, OptiMine offered a full services solution to assist the brand with strategic change management consulting, process improvement, data onboarding engineering and analytic consulting guidance for ongoing budgeting optimization. This combination of highly automated software, speed, flexibility and complete analytic consulting support was the right solution fit for the brand to generate continued growth.




1. Incredibly Smart Traditional Media Measurement:


The brand was faced with an immediate challenge upon OptiMine deployment: OptiMine’s traditional media guidance was fundamentally different than the prior vendor’s. What to do? OptiMine recommended in-market tests to determine the truth. The result?

  • OptiMine’s TV guidance was vastly superior, and OptiMine’s TV recommendations generated an additional $18 million in operating income in the first year.
  • OptiMine’s print guidance generated an additional 5% lift in sales via hyper-precise publication and geo/market guidance and smarter allocations.
  • As a result of in-market testing, OptiMine’s models and measures were continually validated and delivered high-confidence decision-making to the enterprise marketing, and financial performance teams.



2. Total Solution, Value and ROI:


Through OptiMine’s agile marketing measurement, attribution and optimization solution, the financial results delivered incredible solution payback and value:

  • 50X solution ROI
  • Payback in less than 6 months
  • Significant lift in acquisition performance, efficiency and effectiveness


That’s the OptiMine Agile Difference. Click here for the PDF version of this case study.






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